Reset founder, Liz Tran, has lived a dual life for over a decade. A former executive in venture capital and tech, she has over a decade of experiencing advising high-growth tech companies. Liz is and also a trained meditation teacher and reiki master with expertise reading astrology charts. Liz used to keep these parts of her life separate, never talking about these practices at work (even though they were catalysts to her accelerated career growth trajectory).

She began to meet others like her -- those whose professional ambition and success was enhanced by similar practices, but were afraid to talk about it at work, and realized that there needed to be a place where people could explore and re-examine their lives holistically, without the false dichotomy that separates career growth from personal development.

Thus, Liz created Reset — a place for ambitious, career-centric people, who also care about finding fulfillment in their overall lives.

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