reset leadership groups


6 months of leadership development
with a group of peers

join our Fall 2019 cohort.

This is a transformational 6-month course, during which you will identify and execute on your professional goals. This includes:

1. Expanding your support network with like-minded peers.

Leadership can be lonely and isolating. Effective leaders need a network of confidants who they can turn to in any situation.

2. Dedicating time to your own learning & development, while guided by top executive coaches and guest speakers. As managers, we help our teams grow and learn, leaving very little time for our own professional development. Make time for yourself.

3. Exploring aspects of leadership that are rarely discussed, with others who understand. For example, we’ll discuss gender roles in leadership, and ancestry stories for people of color in leadership positions.



in addition to our general leadership groups, we are also matching Leadership groups specifically for people of color.

83% of tech executives are white, making it challenging to find a People of Color network within your own company.

Over the course of 6 months, you will learn alongside peers from other tech companies, and support each other in developing your leadership skills, with the added benefit of building your network of other people of color in tech.

People of Color leadership groups are open to anyone who identifies as a person of color.



we also offer a leadership group specifically for women.

Only 5% of leadership positions in tech are held by women.

You’ll problem-solve together, develop new skills and strategies, and have an open and supportive environment to voice your biggest goals and challenges. We will also be joined regularly by “guest coaches,” women business leaders with inspiring experiences.

Our Women’s leadership groups are open to anyone who identifies as a woman.


we are accepting Applications until MID-October

leadership groups begin shortly thereafter.

Apply here.

for more information, email


What are the requirements for joining a leadership group?

You must be in a role that is Director-level or above, leading a function within your company, and have at least two direct reports. You must work for a fast-paced tech company, which can be anything from a 10-person startup, or a public company like Facebook.

When and where do the sessions take place?

All sessions will be held at Reset’s studio in Nolita, NYC. The first session (day-long), will be held on a weekend day when all participants can attend. The following sessions (3-hours) will be held in the evening.

How do I join?

Complete the application. After you complete the application, there is a 30-minute phone interview.

What is the cost?

Membership is $800 a month, which is generally paid for by the employee’s company as an investment in the employee’s development. This is a fraction of the cost of executive coaching.