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Reset is a modern executive coaching studio founded by Liz Tran, a former venture capital executive, who wanted to create better resources for career-driven New Yorkers to learn and grow.

We work primarily with tech companies who join us for team workshops that range from "OKRs and Goal Setting" to "Channeling Creativity.”

Our corporate clients love escaping into our Nolita studio to recharge. We are currently booking teams who want to gear up for Q4.

I can’t say enough great things about Reset—the space is incredible, it’s almost as if it instantly gives you the permission to think creatively and differently than you do in the office.
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Drawing on months of research that took us from the home of landscape architect James Rose, to Turrell’s Skyspaces, we created a studio that elevates one’s daily work and inspires one’s best thinking.

From the custom soundscapes to the 400-book library, Reset was built to bring out the best from yourself and your team.  

They had a number of creative exercises that pushed us to think differently and get to know each other better, and they connected instantly with everyone on the team
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Over the last ten years of supporting founders, Liz has built a network of the best executive coaches.

Our coaches have worked for top venture capital firms, Fortune 500’s, non profits and organizations including Twitter, Nike, Airtable, Glossier, Accenture, Google, BMW, Pepsi, and Greenpeace.

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I’ve already recommended Reset to three additional teams within the company.
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Example Offsites

1. Quarterly OKR and Goal Planning

Whether it is using the OKR (Objectives + Key Results) framework, or a system designed for you, we ensure that your team leaves with a clear understanding of what they success looks like.

2. Executive Team Dynamics

We work with executive teams in hypergrowth and/or transition to align on working styles and goals. We draw on a variety of tools. including the Hogan Assessment (the leading personality inventory for executives).

3. Team Values and Operating Principles

Ideal for teams with a series of new hires, this workshop is used to create your team “values”, and “ways of working” to ensure that the entire team is operating in alignment.

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