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Reboot Your System: A Laughter & Meditation Experience

Guided by Sean Holmquest // $40 // Book Here

Living in New York City today -- no, just living in the world today, can be an overwhelming experience. We're pulled in many directions, whether it is due to busy schedules, competing relationships, the bombardment of information from our devices, the need to act on that information, or just the noise and number of people we encounter every day. It's no wonder that we've all taken to hibernating or spending hours alone binge-watching TV or going down internet wormholes.

But there is a part of each of us that has an overwhelming capacity for joy, openness, and social connection. There is a part of us that wants to live in a state of calm, curiousness and play. In this workshop, we’ll use laughter yoga, meditation, and Reiki to get us out of our heads and open to connecting with others and the world around us. You'll be able to take what you learn into the world and use it in every day practice.


Sean is a Reiki Master, Laughter Yoga leader and writer living and working in Brooklyn, NY. They have studied Reiki and laughter work with Lisa Levine of Maha Rose, and most recently completed their Reiki Master training with her in Mazunte, Mexico. Sean has also studied Laughter Yoga under Lisa R. Berman of Laughter Yoga NYC. "During the day," Sean lives the other side of his dual life, working in product UX at Facebook.

Sean specializes in working with members of the LGBTQIA+ communities, as well as people living with and working through grief and trauma. Using their tools of Reiki, laughter, and meditation, they help clients connect with their true selves—releasing attachments, stressors and patterns which are no longer serving them.

Sean believes that healing can come from all facets of the kaleidoscope: reflection, play, stillness, silliness, fear, communication, imagination, confidence and surrender. All have a role in the healing process, and all of them help us shine and move about the world as our most radiant selves. Let’s embrace them all and see the magic that happens!

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