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Dance Cleanse & Soul Shake for the Autumn Equinox

Guided by Liz Westendorf and Clare Elizabeth // $33 // Book here.

This gathering will be uniquely crafted and inspired by the Autumnal Equinox. Celebrating and reflecting on the Summer, then releasing it to literally move into the coming season. Our intention will reflect the nature of an equinox, light and dark, movement, and balance. 

In this Embodiment Dance Ritual, we will partake in ceremonies for releasing, transitioning, and intention setting in concert with the rhythms of nature and those of our bodies 

With gentle facilitation from movement facilitators Liz Westendorf and Clare Elizabeth, we will then shake, shout, and dance it out through freeform movement in a conscious container. 

Sound will guide our journey, taking us deeper into the experience. Musical curator Greg Kavna will mix live, playing specific musical arcs that are designed to pique your, body & soul. 

While there is an excitement for the crisp and fresh, this transition can be jarring on our bodies; we also can feel a sense of loss for the sun, and a fear of the winter -- perfect time to come together and dance with it all.

Open to all ages, sizes, physicalities and levels of dance or movement experience. All you need is a body and an open mind!


Liz Westendorf is a somatic life coach, embodiment guide, shamanic practitioner and consultant. Balancing wit and light-heartedness with reverence and powerful presence, her passion is empowering visionaries to cultivate full-bodied expression, emotional resilience and creative liberation in their body of work and body of being. She offers a grounded, integrative approach that catalyzes individuals to breakthrough static patterns, shift stuck emotions and mindsets and to engage with their power and pleasure.

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